Professional Website Management

Webmaster Services for Commercial Websites

Today’s websites require regular maintenance to stay in peak working order. Businesses can be thrown for a loop when out of nowhere the company website starts to have problems or breaks unexpectedly.

Quite often the problems originate from updates of plugins, addons, apps or extensions used in the website. With each update comes the chance for conflicts to occur. Regardless of the reason, when a website starts to have problems, the business can suffer unknowingly.

Sometimes the problem happens at the hosting level, perhaps the MySQL WordPress database is bogged down or the shared-hosting server hit its capacity and now all of the websites on that server are running slow.

Vertical Rail has over 50 combined years of in-house experience in managing and maintaining professional websites. Our approach to website management and maintenance is based on providing prompt, effective, and reliable service. Vertical Rail does not outsource web services – all projects are performed by full-time staffers.

Our Process


Determine the problem and need.


Provide best recommendations and options.


Provide the right best practice programming solution.


Safely back up and download a copy of the completed files.


Provide concise project notes and project documentation.


Webmaster Services & Management

Webmaster services are handled as projects and are pay as you go. Services include:

  • Hourly & Emergency Services
  • WordPress Maintenance packages
  • Webmaster hours for front-end changes
  • Research, trouble shooting post-update issues

WordPress Monthly Maintenance Programs

  • Software update application on a monthly schedule – WP core, theme, plugins as needed
  • Manual backup prior to updates
  • Front-end testing to ensure no issues from updates
  • Restore to backup if needed
  • Priority service during business hours for emergencies
  • Basic database maintenance if needed for site performance
  • Programs starting at $995/year
Yellowstone Valley Inn website

Website Management Services


Refresh or reskin the website design, layout, content, images & media. Create a better user experience and modernize the buyer’s journey. 


Increase website performance and mobile load speed. Optimize the website code and content to increase natural rankings, mobile rankings, and quality score. 


We help fix broken websites fast! We solve technical problems and help with man-made issues.


Upgrade the technology behind your website to reflect the latest and greatest.


Modernize the processes behind your website including lead generation & processing, shipping, checkout, order processing, label printing, and custom email forms.


Protect your website from vulnerabilities and hacking. Apply website security best practices to keep the website secure.


Keep your website updates current and conflict-free with our scheduled WordPress Webmaster Updates program.


Expert help transitioning and transferring websites between website hosting companies including 301 Redirects, Domain name management, DNS Records Management, Email migration, htaccess, SSL Certificate Management, and backups.


Help make your website compliant with ADA requirements and best practices for disclosure and privacy guidelines.

What Differentiates Vertical Rail

At the end of the day, it’s about experience. Clients can expect a dynamic and highly experienced Google Ads team focused on competitive brand strategy that delivers results.

  • Developing highly effective and sales-driving E-Commerce and digital marketing strategies.
  • Driving significant growth in brand presence in Google.
  • Arming brands with the knowledge, strategies, and tools to drive continued growth.
  • Leveraging insights and data to fuel relevance improvement.
  • Developing strategies for leveraging the tools available through Google Ads.
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