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With a vast amount of data on its customers’ shopping behaviors, interests, and preferences, Walmart Connect provides advertisers with highly targeted and personalized advertising solutions. Vertical Rail works with Walmart Connect and offers custom advertising strategies to Walmart sellers. A hands-on management style combined with industry-leading technology by Intentwise allows us to deliver advertising results that are built to meet your goals. We’ll use Sponsored Product Ads and Sponsored Brands Ads to increase product visibility, brand awareness, drive sales, and ultimately bring growth.

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Control bids and budgets with a schedule.

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Optimize Spend

Focus on KPI’s for your goals.

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Identify Opportunity

Take advantage of ad markets.

Identify Growth Threats

Protect your Brand. 

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Competitive Intelligence

Assess wins/losses and impact.

Are You Walmart Advertising Ready?

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Proven results in Walmart across multiple industries & categories.

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Strategic advertising plans customized to protect your profits.

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Competitive analysis that identifies quantifiable opportunity… and risks.

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Problem solving and case management for complex matters.

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