Digital Marketing for the Restaurant & Kitchen Supply Industry

The restaurant industry remains one of the nation’s best sectors for employment, with new establishments opening at an extraordinary rate. More restaurants mean more kitchens that will need equipment and supplies, as well as front-of-house furniture and other supplies. Digital marketing for the restaurant and kitchen supply industry is at an all-time high – with no signs of slowing.

Restaurant and kitchen equipment sellers can increase their visibility and sales by utilizing Google Ads, Google Shopping, and Amazon Advertising.

How should I use Google Search ads for restaurant equipment?

With a comprehensive marketing plan, Google Ads search campaigns can generate a positive boost for restaurant and kitchen supply businesses. One of the keys is understanding the 2 vastly different audiences that are often targeted: B2B and B2C.

When working in B2B industries, the volume of traffic is often lower, making it important to focus on offering a high-quality experience that truly satisfies the intent of your potential customers. On the flip side, B2C will typically have more traffic, perhaps with more top-of-funnel browsers.

From the start, we use analysis to identify a digital marketing strategy. Google Search Ads for the restaurant and kitchen equipment industry can be highly effective, establishing authority, and emphasizing your return policy or loyalty program.

A client in the restaurant supply industry managed their PPC campaigns in-house, but couldn’t find their footing or reach their ROAS goals. They hired Vertical Rail to create a new strategy and transform their search marketing campaigns into sustainable revenue streams. We reinvented their campaigns using researched keywords, created optimized ad content for restaurant supplies, and took a strategic approach to bids and budgets. Over a short period – even in a competitive industry known for high marketing costs and low conversion rates – the kitchen supply company saw a:

  • 24% increase in impressions
  • 26% increase in clicks
  • 60% increase in transactions
  • 168% increase in ROAS

How can I leverage Google Shopping for my restaurant supply business?

Google Shopping for commercial kitchen equipment is a great option to increase revenue. Some ways to increase shopping campaign performance include feed optimization, campaign segmentation, and a hands-on approach to budget and bid management.

To capture the correct audience, make sure your product information is optimized with applicable keywords and product details. This makes it easier to be found in Google Shopping based on consumer search queries.

Segmentation of commercial restaurant supply ad campaigns plays a large role in the efficiency of your ad spend. Through the proper use of campaigns, ad groups, product groups, and custom labels, we can target your audience through easy-to-manage product breakouts. It’s important to monitor bids, and make adjustments as needed to reduce wasted spend.

A commercial kitchen equipment client came to Vertical Rail in need of help with Google Shopping. Our plan for this prominent player in the restaurant industry included optimization of their product data feed to gain visibility, along with manual management and regular adjustments of their campaigns. In only 6 months, the company experienced a:

  • 152% increase in impressions
  • 136% increase in clicks
  • 48% increase in transactions
  • 87% increase in revenue

Should I implement MAP monitoring in the restaurant supply industry?

If you manufacture a product that is sold by various resellers, MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) monitoring is critical. Manufacturers should work with resellers to maintain a friendly relationship, rather than create cutthroat competition. One of the best ways to establish a good relationship with resellers is to establish proper MAP agreements that establish pricing tactics, where resellers can and cannot compete with the manufacturer. Vertical Rail has helped our clients to create and enforce these guidelines.

What is important to online buyers in this industry?

Online buyers in the restaurant and kitchen supply industry value a number of things, including:

Customer Service

Consumers in this industry appreciate customer service team members who are available during extended hours. If a customer has a question about a product, they’re not going to be able to reach out during their own busy business hours.

Restaurant Industry Experience & Knowledge

Restaurant and kitchen supply customers demand that your business know and understand the standards for restaurant kitchens and how they treat their clients.

Price & Availability

Because of the high price of commercial kitchen equipment, consumers typically shop around to find the best prices, shipping rates and product availability.

What experience do we have in the restaurant and kitchen supply industry?

Vertical Rail has extensive experience with the restaurant industry and truly understands the landscape. We have knowledge of the seasonality of product lines, product margins, and MAP policies. We’ve worked with both B2C and B2B commercial kitchen sales and understand how to effectively advertise products while following MAP pricing policy.

As a Google Premier Partner, we also have a high level of support available for our advertising across Google. If one of your products has an issue, we are connected with support teams at Google to help us resolve the problem.