MAP Monitoring

Pricing Integrity Enforcement Starts with A Good Policy

A Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Policy Helps Ecommerce Businesses Reclaim Control of Their Value

If you have taken the steps to create a MAP policy,  the next step is to enforce it. First you have to identify violators and potential unauthorized resellers.

Though not an official part of marketing, policy enforcement is best served by those in charge of marketing. As a stand-alone service, Vertical Rail can help enforce your policy and help you limit violators.

Software Vetting

Policy Enforcement Assistance

Violator Discovery




Features of our MAP Monitoring Service

Protect your brand and pricing with Vertical Rail’s MAP monitoring service. A successful MAP agreement promotes fair competition across all distribution channels, and our professionals will find MAP violators. Our approach to MAP monitoring includes:

  • Identifying resellers with MAP violations.
  • Monitoring resellers to confirm they adhere to your MAP policy.
  • Providing you information on those who are not in compliance.
  • Consulting for click-n-mortar MAP non-compliance.
MAP Monitoring

Reaching Your Business Goals

The professionals at Vertical Rail will deep dive into your MAP monitoring needs and enforce your policy, so that you can focus on your business. Finding violators will help you remain competitive in the marketing space and protect your brand, equally.

Identify blind spots
Are they areas of your MAP policy that your own company may be violating?

By identifying violators in a timely manner, we assist your business in increasing the value of your products and goods – bringing the value back to your company.  This can often increase the reputation of the business as well.

Objective evaluation
We’ll monitor and report on violators, allowing a member of your organization to simply communicate with resellers.

MAP monitoring services are something that is unique for every company.  Each channel and each product type has its own challenges and needs. Start with a consultation.

What Differentiates Vertical Rail

At the end of the day, it’s about experience. Clients can expect a dynamic and highly experienced digital marketing team focused on competitive brand strategy that delivers results.

  • Developing highly effective and sales-driving ecommerce and digital marketing strategies.
  • Driving significant growth in brand presence in Google and Amazon.
  • Arming brands with the knowledge, strategies, and tools to drive continued growth.
  • Leveraging insights and data to fuel relevance improvement.
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