Digital Marketing for Manufacturers

We help manufacturers increase their online visibility and sales with advanced shopping engine management strategies, creative video, and custom web design.

When it comes to manufacturing, the key to a successful marketing strategy is the ability to appeal to consumer lifestyles and create demand for retailers. By taking a more creative, customized approach, you’ll be improving your visibility and ability to reach new customers in new ways.

While search engine marketing (SEM) is still one of the most effective methods of advertising for manufacturers, the growing importance for both content creation and mobile marketing has created more opportunities for increased engagement across multiple channels. Actively pursuing these initiatives will help you develop your brand-consumer relationships on a deeper, more personal level.

How would you suggest I design my website?

Overall, it’s important to have a website that’s simple to navigate and user friendly. Your products should organized by silo in a way that makes sense. Designing your category pages to serve as landing pages can also be beneficial, especially to your SEO and paid search.

Can you help me with B2B marketing, as well as B2C?

Whether you want to pursue one direction or both, we can implement a custom marketing strategy that targets the appropriate type of consumer behavior. For B2B and B2C marketing, this could likely include a combination of:

Paid Search

Display Advertising

Social Marketing

Video Marketing

Listing your products in shopping engines can also increase your visibility with both businesses and consumers looking for top of the line or wholesale products at various price points.

How important do you think content strategy is to my business?

Content marketing is an effective way to differentiate and position your brand to increase your level of relevant awareness and website traffic. Many manufacturers are using video as their primary type of content. Not only can video best demonstrate products, but it helps to create deeper brand-consumer relationships across a wide variety of marketing channels and devices.

If you want to learn more about our ideas and approach, contact us or request a quote for one (or more) of our services. We’ll follow up to learn more about what you do, your problems and goals, and to further discuss the custom marketing strategy that’s right for you.