Digital Marketing for Attorneys & Law Firms

Marketing lawyers and law firms effectively is largely based on establishing credibility, connection, confidence and trust. Because law firms take on work that often produces life changing results for clients, it’s important that clients find lawyers who meet their particular standards.

To initiate that confidence, your potential clients should find content on your website that establishes a human connection. This can be done through a variety of marketing strategies, from reinforcing case victories and trial results through content that shows your results, to powerful website art – including photos and videos – that compels the consumer to enter into a relationship with your firm.

As a marketing agency, we have successfully worked with a variety of law firms – from malpractice and family law, to business, commercial litigation and personal injury – and developed authentic, results-driven marketing programs.

Vertical Rail can help law firms manage their reputation and grow their practice with custom content, video marketing, web design and targeted advertising. With demand for specific legal services gradually increasing, the best time to market your legal practice is now. While top firms hold steady, smaller individual firms are beginning to gain serious traction within their local areas.

What do successful law firm websites have in common?

Legal websites generally have several factors in common that help them to be successful.

Well-Developed Content

It’s imperative for a law firm’s website to have clear and concise, developed content that explains areas of practice, services and results. This content is vital to your organic SEO results and Search Engine Marketing.

Smart, Responsive Web Design

More and more users now access the Internet from tablets and smartphones. Don’t alienate mobile visitors with a site that’s cumbersome to navigate on a mobile device. Also offer a live chat component on your site, so that potential clients can ask questions and you can showcase your legal knowledge.

Active Social Media Presence

Be active on social media and interact with people who have questions to continue to build recognition and build consumer confidence.

How do I differentiate my law firm from everyone else in the same practice?

Developing custom content that’s related to your community – and that provides actionable advice and knowledge – is key. Facebook advertising can also be a great way to grow your practice, promoting referral offers and consultations to new and existing local clients.

We can help you develop custom content – white papers, eBooks and video – to help you establish trust, leadership and expertise. Using this content, we can also assist you in implementing a content marketing strategy to increase both inbound leads and web traffic.

What are some things I should be doing to increase lead flow?

When your goal is to increase leads for your law firm, there are myriad ways to reach that goal. Here are a few approaches we’ve found successful.

Build a valuable referral program: Your existing clients are likely well connected with other prospects, and they may need only a small incentive to follow through on recommendations. Find creative and trustworthy ways to ask for referrals from the customers who already appreciate your services.

Conversion rate optimization: CRO is the process of making small tweaks to your website, design, content, and advertising, test the outcome, and then continue improving your conversion rates.

Focus on driving qualified traffic: Whether through SEO, PPC, business listings or other advertising, it’s important to keep your services in front of potential clients.

Focus on reputation management and your social media footprint: In the digital space, your legal reputation is out there – in online reviews, on social media profiles, and in other online chatter. Monitor your brand, encourage positive comments, and be ready to respond appropriately to criticism.

Offer content that matches the intent of your prospects: Just having an online presence isn’t enough. Your prospects are comparing your offering to that of other law firms. When you have high-quality content that truly speaks to your prospects, they’re much more likely to engage with your marketing.

How important is Google Local/Places Maps to increasing leads?

More people search for attorneys online than anywhere else, so it’s important to make sure your law firm listing can be easily found on Google and Google Maps. Your Google local listing is an easy way to maintain an online presence in addition to your website and will allow you to generate leads.

How important is lead tracking and how do you track them?

Lead tracking is very important in increasing efficiency and can reduce customer attrition. Tracking software allows businesses to organize leads, sales, and contact information in one place. This creates transparency within the business and promotes communication. The sales team can then properly target and pitch the lead, marketing can create appropriate strategies for the client, and management has access to everything happening. Organized leads make it easier for each member of the team from sales, marketing, and management to obtain the necessary info to meet and anticipate the customer’s needs.

We use Google Analytics to track online leads. We can also use it to set up call tracking. If necessary, we can help you create custom contact forms that may allow for better insight into how exactly potential clients heard about you.