How Close Range Marketing & SMS Marketing Relate

If you’re a retailer interested in mobile advertising, you’ve most likely heard about close range marketing and SMS marketing. However, because they share a few commonalities, the actual differences between the two may be somewhat confusing.

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What is Visual Storytelling?

Visual storytelling (and/or visual narrative) is an increasingly important marketing practice. “The art of communicating visually in forms that can be read or looked upon”, visual storytelling emphasizes the expression of ideas and emotions through performance and aesthetics.

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What is Close Range Marketing?

Close range marketing (CRM), widely known as proximity marketing, uses Wifi or Bluetooth to send promotional messages about products and services to customers’ smartphone and tablets within a limited radius. Close range marketing is still a relatively new practice, even though aspects of it have been around for years. Many have opted to test its effects on shoppers, contemplating whether or not it is a sound multichannel investment. Looking toward the future, proximity marketing will probably become a powerfully influential factor in real-time decision making (so long as it’s driven by real-time context).

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