MOBILE LANDING PAGES: What is Dynamic Serving?

Google officially recommends responsive design as the preferred method for making websites mobile-friendly. In order for Google to detect responsive web design, both Googlebot and Googlebot-Mobile need full clearance to crawl a websites’ CSS, Javascript and images. However, responsive design does not always lend itself to the ideal smartphone user experience. This is where dynamic serving can truly be of assistance to those who are more concerned with conversions than consistency.

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Content Hacking: Supercharge Your Content Marketing

Essentially, content hacking is a new word describing an old concept. It’s all about taking advantage of user behavior and content sharing to drive growth. There are a variety of so-called advanced “content hacks” out there, but here are 5 things you can start doing right now to improve the effectiveness of your content marketing.

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What is Newsjacking & How to Newsjack

Newsjacking allows you to use something entirely unrelated and irrelevant for your benefit. By using something ridiculously popular, you can make something impactful more popular as well. Newsjacking is important because if done correctly, you’ll see exponentially increased website traffic and link shares. With a clear call-to-action, you might even see a large increase in leads and conversions. These types of results can be especially beneficial for inbound marketing, as well as fundraising and Kickstarter-type campaigns.

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An Introduction to Growth Hacking

Growth hacking is primarily practiced in start ups, especially those in the technology industry. It’s perceptibly future oriented, in that it taps the resources of various skill sets to transcend the traditional stepping stones most entrepreneurs and marketers might believe are still necessary. However, it’s relatively simple and common sense.

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What is Engagement Marketing?

A now primary ad type on display networks, engagement ads are various banner and video displays that attract your potential customers and convince them to interact with your brand. Engagement marketing is the basis for engagement ad types. Engagement marketing is all about building stronger relationships with customers, turning those relationships into new opportunities for business growth. The recently prominent industry focus on marketing to engage with customers represents a fundamental shift in how businesses are choosing to connect.

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