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What is Mopub & How Does it Work?

As a mobile marketing tool, MoPub can be a lucrative solution for individuals and agencies looking to generate serious revenue from their iOS and Android applications. For e-Commerce companies and mobile-game developers in particular, MoPub’s install ad formats mean huge gains for a lower average CPAC (cost-per-app-click).

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Native Advertising vs. Content Marketing

Native advertising and content marketing are two distinct concepts and strategies for promoting your online presence across multiple channels. Successful native advertising strategy takes content marketing into consideration, and when paired, content marketing and native advertising work hand in hand to build audience across multiple channels. But the bottom line is, they are not the same thing nor do they share similar perspective and approach.

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Excluding Mobile Apps From Google Display Ads

Recently we have run into a number of situations with Google display campaigns that are receiving an unhealthy amount of their clicks from mobile apps. Frequently the campaigns are using up the entire daily budget through these clicks, but there are little to no conversions and a very high bounce rate. Display ads on mobile apps have their time and place, but these cheap clicks on loosely associated apps were pulling in poor traffic that was not converting, which needed to be fixed.

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What is Native Advertising & How Does it Work?

The practice of native advertising has been increasing in prominence over the past few years. Despite its growing popularity, it is still unfamiliar and unclear territory for most marketers. A huge component of mobile marketing and social media marketing strategy, it is important for companies and agencies who wish to stay competitive and relevant to gain a better understanding of native advertising and learn to implement creative native campaigns to generate a stronger online presence, increase brand awareness, boost sales, and develop stronger customer relationships through content sharing sites.

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