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How To Bulk Import Magento Meta Data

To improve your site’s search engine optimization, your products meta data quality and accuracy is very important. By default, Magento does a fair amount of optimization, but adding good keyword-rich content to your products meta data fields will improve your optimization further. You could do this to each product individually, but Magento provides two basic tools to accomplish this in bulk.

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What are Magento Catalog Price Rules?

Magento Catalog Price Rules are used to offer discounts or special pricing on large groups of products in your Magento Store based on attributes or categories that they have in common. For example, you may want to offer 10% off an entire category of products for a set period of

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Activo is a Los Angeles-based software development agency specializing in online marketplaces and e-commerce. Founded in 2006, the company’s main focus is building and maintaining Magento sites, and it offers multiple Magento extensions for merchants to use to help grow their businesses.

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Magento SKUs – Do’s and Don’ts

In the process of setting up your inventory for Magento, you will be asked to provide a stock keeping unit (SKU) for each new product. Before beginning product on boarding, it is a good idea to take a second to decide on a procedure or schema you will use a across your store to generate SKUs. Having a clear schema will help anyone involved in inventory management tasks make quick decisions or actions. Magento uses these SKUs for bulk import identifiers and a few other actions, so having a well defined SKU can help when making large bulk changes.

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