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What is a Google Display Ad?

A Google Display Ad is most often an image ad or a rich media ad that can show when people are browsing the Internet, watching videos, checking Gmail, or using apps. This type of ad is often shown on sites that are not owned by Google (with the exception of YouTube), but sites that are a part of the Google Network.

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How to Create a Google Shopping Ad

In order to set up Google Shopping ads, you need to have both a Google Ads account and a Merchant Center account. These 2 accounts must be linked to create a Shopping Campaign and ads. It’s also a good idea to have a Google Analytics account.

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What is a Google Shopping Ad?

A Google Shopping Ad is an ad at the top of the Google SERP featuring specific products that you sell. This type of ad shows up when someone searches for your product, and includes an image, a product title, a price, and a brand or website name. These particular ads allow people the chance to compare products visually before clicking into any websites.

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What is a Google Search Ad?

A Google Search Ad is a pay-per-click ad that appears when people search for phrases that are relevant to your ad’s keywords. This type of text ad includes 3 sections: a headline, a display URL, and a description, and it appears near the organic results on the SERP, at the top or bottom of the page.

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What is a Google Video Ad?

A Google Video Ad is video ad content hosted on YouTube that can appear on YouTube, partner sites, and on apps on the Google Display Network.

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