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What Is The Benefit Of Radius Targeting?

Radius Targeting allows advertisers to show ads to customers within a specified geographic radius around a business, retail location, population center, or neighborhoods. Advertisers can target ads to customers near-by, based on the GPS signal of their mobile phones. I will illustrate how Radius Targeting, as an advanced location-targeting tool, can assist Google AdWords marketers reaching their target audience.

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How To Use Feed Rules to Map Google Shopping Promotions

Google Shopping Promotions are a tool that allow sellers to make their product listing stand out from the rest. Once you apply for promotions in your Merchant Center, there are a few steps that sellers must follow in order to run promotions. The necessary steps depend on the type of promotion you are running.

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What Are “Google Posts”?

This new feature is a carousel format, social-media type of post that can include text, an image, or a video. Brands have the ability to post messages through this platform that are visible on search results for 7 days. These posts seem to show up for branded searches, though there have been some reports of them showing for broader searches.

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How to Create Ads Within an Adwords Ad Group

So you’ve successfully created an AdWords campaign and built an ad group … now what? Now it’s time to create ads. You’ll first enter the final URL for the webpage your ad will link to. The headline is limited to 25 characters, so be creative and use keywords when you

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How to Set Up Google+ For Your Business

Google+ is a growing social network where users can share updates, photos and more among different “circles” (groups of friends). This is different from many social networks where updates are shared with everyone. A Google+ (Google Plus) page can create better interaction with your customers and fans. Are you ready

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Benefit of a Modified Broad Match in Google Adwords

There are 4 types of keyword match types in Google AdWords. They are classified as the attributes Google allows you to add to keywords to give them more or less potential search volume. You’ll notice that if no attribute is applied, the keyword is recognized by Google as a broad match type.

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