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What is an Attribution Model?

An attribution model is designed to help advertisers assign credit or responsibility for a conversion back to a marketing campaign. Attribution modeling can be found in both Google AdWords & Google Analytics. Both options provide valuable information, however they operate very differently. Manipulating the attribution model should provide a new or at least more accurate perspective of how your marketing campaigns are performing.

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Automated Ad Extensions – What’s New?

As of March 2017 there is a brand new automated ad extension in AdWords called “Automatic Call Extensions”. If you haven’t taken a look at which automated extensions are running in your accounts, it might be worth looking into today. For those unfamiliar with Automated Ad Extensions, there 3 important things to know.

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What Is The Benefit Of Radius Targeting?

Radius Targeting allows advertisers to show ads to customers within a specified geographic radius around a business, retail location, population center, or neighborhoods. Advertisers can target ads to customers near-by, based on the GPS signal of their mobile phones. I will illustrate how Radius Targeting, as an advanced location-targeting tool, can assist Google AdWords marketers reaching their target audience.

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What is Frequency Capping?

For display advertising, frequency caps are useful to prevent wasting ad spend on a small number of users. They’re also useful to prevent users from feeling that they’re being “stalked” by your ads, particularly with retargeting campaigns.

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How To Reorganize Your AdWords Campaigns

Have you ever wondered if it’s time to reorganize your AdWords campaigns? Let‘s examine some indicators that could suggest it’s time to restructure your campaigns and find new ways to re-energize your pay-per-click effectiveness.

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How Does AdWords Ad Rank Determine Ad Position?

Ad Rank is a basic formula that AdWords uses to order ads on a search engine result page. Ads with higher Ad Rank show in higher positions, and ads with lower Ad Rank show in lower positions. Google places an emphasis on promoting quality ads for their users. To do this, Ad Rank incorporates factors about quality, in addition to bid amount, that help to determine ad position on a search result page.

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