Data Feed Management

How to fix: Invalid value: color [color]

If you have an Invalid Value: Color issue in Google Merchant Center, there are a few things you may want to check in your feed. The key is to use a recognizable color name such as “red”, “blue”, or “lavender.”

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What is Concatenation & How Does It Work?

Simply defined, concatenation is the act of linking things together. In Microsoft Excel, the concatenation function is one of many text functions, which allows users to combine data distributed over multiple columns. Utilizing data concatenation in Microsoft Excel can provide marketing users with a fast, simple way to create bulk

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Data Feed Optimization: Creating Custom Labels

Whether you’re a merchant categorizing your inventory, a marketer breaking out custom labels in Google AdWords, or just simply naming folders on your company server – it is crucial to have a standardized naming convention. Organized and well thought out naming conventions streamline business process, makes the application intuitive, and allows future changes to be manageable for other users.

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