How to Use Assisted Conversions in Google Analytics

Assisted conversions can be a very effective metric for accurately determining which aspects of your online marketing are contributing to the success of the company. However, you need to know where to find them in Google Analytics and how to use these numbers effectively. They are located in a slightly different location than the regular conversions so I will walk through how to find them as well as how use them productively.

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Where Does Direct Traffic Come From in Google Analytics?

There seems to be a common misconception that direct traffic comes from people who have saved a URL or are directly typing in your web address into a browser. This may be true for a portion of this traffic; however there can be traffic that does not have a referrer or no medium and therefore is recorded as direct. Not having a referrer or a medium that equals “none” is how direct traffic is defined in Google Analytics Traffic Source Dimensions and this means that there is no tracking information or cookie attached to a URL.

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GOOGLE REPORTING: Analytics vs. Ads

For anyone advertising online, we are very familiar with both Google Ads and Google Analytics. Looking closely, we see that there are discrepancies between the numbers in these two accounts that raises the questions of how do they differ and which one is better to use?

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