How to Use Secondary Dimensions in Google Analytics

Google Analytics has a large depth of information from a website that allows us to gain understanding on how people use the site. However, the biggest hurdle when using this program is understanding how to organize that data to get relevant and timely information about your website.

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How New & Returning Uses Are Calculated

In Google Analytics a user is considered a unique visitor to the website. When you visit a website with Google Analytics tracking, it stores a user id in a browser cookie. The next time you come to the site it reads your id and knows you’re a returning user. Due to the

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What Are Sessions in Google Analytics?

In Google Analytics, a session describes a unique visit to a web domain. This could be a hundred different users, or the same user a hundred times. A new session is started when a user comes to a domain through a unique means. For instance, a user comes to a domain

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TIME ON PAGE: Google Analytics Tracking

The page view time, or time on page, is related to session time tracking. Both of which have a few misconceptions. Time on page is a valid measurement but it is not 100% indicative of the time a user actually spent visiting your page.

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Site Search in Google Analytics

Located in the Behavior section of Google Analytics, site search gives you a detailed look at your in site search usage, search terms, and on what pages it is getting used. A user’s ability to navigate a site is an essential piece of any website and the in-site search plays a very important role.

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How to Create Custom Alerts in Google Analytics

Custom alerts in Google Analytics are great for helping you keep track of your website traffic wherever and whenever you need to. You can choose to receive alerts whenever traffic dips, spikes, sales drop off, referral traffic increases, Adwords sales decrease, and more. Learn more about setting up custom alerts.

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