What Is Woobox & How Does It Work?

Woobox is a social promotion application. It allows you to run sweepstakes, contests, polls, and more across Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Vine.

We use Woobox to help our clients grow their social followings and create a buzz around their products. It’s an ideal tool for eCommerce brands that want to increase immediate engagement and interest in their products.

Woobox allows you to streamline your Facebook advertising by promoting your offer or post, manage your audiences, set up custom ad triggers, and remarket to users who have already visited your website. You can also set up a Facebook Page Tab for your contest. You can then easily track the performance of your contest in the Woobox interface.


Creating a Woobox offer is easy, once you know what kind of offer you want to run. These are all the available offer types you can choose from:

Woobox Offer Choices

Coupon: You can create fan-only coupons with unique (one per user) coupon codes.
Sweepstakes: You can collect any number entries over a certain period of time, and then pick one or more winners for your grand prize.
Pinterest PintoWin: Users must pin to Pinterest for a chance to win your offer.
Instant Win: You can set the odds of winning to whatever you want, allowing users a chance at winning a prize instantly. This is different from a Sweepstakes because you don’t have to pick the winner; they are chosen automatically.
Photo Contest: You can create photo contests that let fans submit photos and vote for their favorites.
Video Contest: You can create video contests that let fans submit videos and vote for their favorites.
UGC Contest: You can create a user-generated content (UGC) content that lets fans submit their original content and vote for their favorite.
Poll: You can create questions to gain feedback from your followers.
Quiz: You can create quizzes with custom results.
Group Deal: This option will create coupons that are only available after a certain number of people request the coupon.
Deal: This requires payment via PayPal to access the offer.
Reward: This allows you to create rewards that can only be accessed by people that are on your guest list. This is somewhat of a VIP option.
Leaderboard Contest: You can collect entries for leaderboard contests and display the results and standings as it advances.
Bracket: This option lets users create brackets, score them, and then displays leaderboards as it advances.
Landing Page: This allows you to create a landing page offer.
Form: This allows you to create a form submission offer.
Download App: This allows you to create an app offer.

After selecting the type of offer you wish to create, Woobox guides you step by step through adding all the details.

Woobox Create Offer


If you’re an eCommerce store interested in running a Woobox contest or giveaway, contact us to see how we can help you maximize your engagement.

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