What is the Amazon Percentage Off Promotion?

An Amazon Percentage Off promotion is a tiered discount designed to encourage customers to purchase more because they receive a better discount. There a several options to choose from when structuring this type of promo, including “for every item purchased, get X% off,” “buy X number of items, get X% off,” or “spend $X, get X% off.” It’s important to know what structure best suits your business and products.

Amazon Percentage Off

When setting up an Amazon Percentage Off promotion, you’ll determine the conditions, the schedule, and any additional options. To ensure you don’t accidentally give away more product than you intend, you’ll want to consider utilizing a claim code; single use limits the customer to purchasing only one item at the discounted price, while group use allows customers to take advantage of the promo multiple times until the end date.

The Percentage Off discount is beneficial for businesses that want to sell excess inventory or for those that want to move lots of product on Amazon Prime Day.


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