What is Mopub & How Does it Work?

MoPub is Twitter’s mobile publishing platform for promoting and monetizing downloadable iOS and Android applications.

Described as “a hosted ad serving solution specifically for mobile”, it allows businesses to manage and optimize campaigns, analyze performance reports and metrics, and achieve higher eCPMs through the largest mobile RTB (real-time bidding) exchange.

MoPub’s SDK (software development kit) is specifically designed with the needs of mobile app publishers in mind. Its first-party features support major campaign management, budgeting and targeting capabilities, as well as the creation of formatted banner, full screen, video and native ads.

The MoPub Marketplace is connected to hundreds of demand-side platforms (software used to purchase advertising through automation), driving higher prices for your application inventory.  RTB provides control and transparency over the ads delivered into your app, so you can improve your user experience.

MoPub Set Up

Keep in mind that MoPub is only for application advertising. To sign up, you are required to connect your application to your account before you receive access to your Dashboard. Once there, you will be able to view all metrics – ad source, revenue, eCPM cost, clicks, and more – to better understand your performance and further develop your monetizing strategies.

MoPub Dashboard

As a mobile marketing tool, MoPub can be a lucrative solution for individuals and agencies looking to generate serious revenue from their iOS and Android applications. For eCommerce companies and mobile-game developers in particular, MoPub’s install ad formats mean huge gains for a lower average CPAC (cost-per-app-click).


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