What is Media Buying?

Media buying is the process of buying media placements for advertising (on TV, in publications, on the radio, digital signage, or on websites). A function of advertising commonly found within agencies, the primary goal of media buying is to achieve the highest reach for the lowest possible price. Successful media buyers are skilled in negotiating the price of media on behalf of their client. Media buying usually picks up where media planning ends, though sometimes buyers act as planners. Buyers use the information and strategy presented by planners to make the right deals and execute strategy. Media buying is responsible for the purchase, performance monitoring, and optimization of campaigns. As a media buyer, it’s your responsibility to find the best vendors in line with the media plan. Some advertising can be purchased online, but there’s a lot that is still sold in face-to-face conversations or over the hone through account managers. These conversations lead to deals being made and ad schedules being defined, so it’s critical that negotiations go as close to plan as possible. It’s also critical you hold your vendor accountable to the results they sold you. After your ad or campaign runs, be sure to follow up and make sure performance met expectations.

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