What is MarinOne?

About MarinOne

Founded in 2006, MarinOne software provides a management platform that integrates workflow, analytics, and optimization tools for marketers and advertisers. Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, its clients include global agencies and advertisers.


Amazon, Target, and Walmart

MarinOne Explained

MarinOne is a technology that provides powerful automation to supercharge paid search, social, and ecommerce advertising. The MarinOne team of experts deliver expertise, allowing you to spend time on strategy and reaching your performance goals.

A customizable advertising solution, MarinOne provides the ability to track revenue with unlimited conversion types to track stages of the customer journey. With a flexible account structure, MarinOne allows you to define your own metrics and provides extra security by giving users access to only the account data they need.

Using technology, advanced analytics, data integration, optimization, and strategic support, MarinOne’s team delivers results based on the latest digital trends.

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