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What Is Integrated Marketing?

Integrated marketing is the practice of creating a seamless experience for consumers. It aligns all aspects of marketing communication (print, digital advertising, sales, PR, social media) to deliver one unified, holistic message. If you’re familiar with omnichannel strategy, then you already understanding integrated marketing. They are extremely similar, with the biggest nuance being application. “Omnichannel” usually refers to marketing strategy; while “integrated marketing” usually refers to a method or style of communications (ex. integrated marketing communications, IMC). An omnichannel marketing strategy must be integrated. This means that traditional and digital media have been integrated to synchronize communications across all channels. The fine line separating “omnichannel” from “integrated marketing” is targeting. While integration means the message is being unified, an omnichannel approach ensures the message is being delivered to a unified audience in order to achieve a unified goal.

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