What is Harvest Group?

About Harvest Group

Harvest Group was founded with a vision for building a values-based culture that focuses on doing the right thing and delivering remarkable results to clients and retail partners. It serves 19 states across the US and Tunisia.


Amazon, Target, and Walmart

Harvest Group Explained

Harvest Group provides customizable teams and solutions to meet your unique needs and drive growth for your brand. The company manages all aspects of business including supply chain and replenishment, account management, ecommerce, content optimization, and digital advertising across retailers.

Harvest Group uses a proprietary data platform, Ember, which uses extensive data sources, offers in-depth analytics and reporting, and connects digital and retail store performance. The company’s analytics and technology teams are focused on delivering business intelligence, data management, and innovative data visualization. The company’s Tech + Touch approach ensures there is always a person behind each report, and the company uses data to develop compelling, visual sales stories to prepare your team for conversations with buyers and inspire innovation.

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