What is Google Shopping Actions?

Google Shopping Actions is a program that offers customers an easy way to purchase your products on multiple devices, including through voice shopping. The program gives businesses the opportunity to put their products on Google platforms, including Google.com, Assistant, and Google Express.

Customers have a universal shopping cart that is connected across the board, and can checkout instantly or wait until later. Shoppers can add products from multiple retailers to their universal cart and purchase with a single transaction. Customers can also save payment options and implement 1-click ordering for convenience.

For businesses, Google Shopping Actions can increase sales and customer loyalty. You can use Google’s artificial intelligence to better target potential customers, and once Google understands shoppers’ patterns, it will offer products to users when they have the highest purchase intent.

Google Shopping Actions runs on a pay-per-sale model, meaning you only pay when a sale takes place. It is free to list your products on the program.

Shopping Actions is currently available to limited retailers. If interested in joining the program,  merchants need to contact Google with business details.

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