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What is Amazon SEO?

Amazon Search Engine Optimization (Amazon SEO) means optimizing content to increase the chances of potential customers finding your products when searching on Amazon.

Amazon SEO is crucial for sellers because customers tend to focus on the 1st page of Amazon search results. The higher your product is ranked, the better the odds of conversion. Optimizing Amazon product listings helps you achieve the highest visibility possible for your products.

There are 2 vital aspects of Amazon SEO.

  • Keyword Optimization: Ensures your product can be found when customers use specific terms that relate to your product.
  • Performance Optimization: Your product ranks for those keywords based on your performance metrics, which are improved by optimizing specific areas, including:
    • Product Title
    • Bullet Points
    • Product Description
    • Images
    • Product Reviews
    • Backend Search Terms

In addition, Amazon SEO is a must for Amazon Advertising. Ads show based on relevancy to keywords, and pay-per-click campaigns are more successful if product listings are optimized using Amazon SEO.

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