What is Amazon Demand Side Platform (DSP)?

Amazon becomes more crowded every day, creating an atmosphere where brands urgently need to stand out. Amazon Demand Side Platform (DSP) is programmatic advertising, a potential solution for leading brands.

Amazon DSP allows advertisers to use Amazon’s wealth of consumer data and programmatically purchase video, display, and audio ads – both on and off Amazon – using a single interface.

Though brands are not required to sell products on the marketplace to use DSP, each is vetted and required to have a minimum total ad budget of $35,000. However, the minimum spend can be lowered by partnering with one of the few available Amazon DSP accredited agencies (like Vertical Rail).

Amazon DSP uses a variety of ad types that are hyper-focused using audience targets like demographics, location, interests, categories previously browsed, previous product views, previous purchases, device type, and more.

  • Dynamic E-commerce ads automatically optimize which creative shows based on a campaign goal
  • Static ads are best utilized as mid- and upper-funnel tactics to draw shoppers and grow brand awareness
  • Video ads run within video content or as part of a display ad
  • Over-the-Top Video ads (OTT) are non-skippable, full-screen ads that show on TV sources like the Amazon Fire Stick

These Amazon DSP ads can appear both on and off Amazon.

  • Amazon Website
  • Fire TV
  • IMDb
  • Freedive (IMDb Streaming)
  • Kindle
  • Apps
  • Published Partners
  • Third-Party Exchanges

Amazon DSP is a great option for brands seeking a way to get in front of qualified customers using extensive anonymous data collected by the vast Amazon marketplace.


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