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What is Adsense & How Does it Work?

Now that you have the answer to What is an Ad Network, let’s examine one of the most popular.

Google AdSense is the largest ad network in the world, working with millions of advertisers and publishers of all sizes. Just like any other ad network, advertisers ask Google to serve their ads on websites that meet certain criteria, while publishers ask Google to show ads on their site that meet certain criteria.

The system works by using AdSense code that the publisher inserts into their website. Once a site is signed up with an ad network, the network evaluates the website then searches through its inventory of advertisers to match up with the site.

Ads are matched based on your website’s content, including location, blog topics, language, and website theme. Once ads are matched to a site, they show up with visitors land on the pages, displaying either as text ads, image-rich ads, or both depending on your preference. In addition, text ads can be customized to match the look and feel of your site.

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So now that you have an understanding of Google AdSense, check out How to Become an AdSense Publisher.

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