What is a Google Showcase Ad?

A Google Showcase Ad is a maximum CPE (cost-per-engagement) ad that appears on Google when someone searches a general term, such as “backpacks”. This type of ad shows relevant products together with lifestyle images that you choose to represent your brand or business.

Google Showcase Ad

Google Showcase Ads are ideal to use when you want to introduce your brand or business to potential customers. This ad appears when users search for broad terms, which usually means they haven’t decided what product to purchase, or from where to buy it.

Showcase Ads use maximum CPE bidding, meaning you are charged when a user expands your ad and spends 10 seconds within the ad, or clicks it before then. You set the bid at the highest amount you’re willing to pay for an engagement.

When someone clicks on a Google Showcase Shopping Ad, it expands and shows your products that are relevant to the search terms they used. When creating a Showcase Ad, you connect search terms to the ad with product groups, and can advertise a whole category, or just a handful of products.

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