What is a Google Dynamic Search Ad?

A Google Dynamic Search Ad (DSA) is similar to a traditional search ad, with one important difference: DSA’s do not use keywords. Instead, Google matches users’ searches to information on your website, and generates a tailored ad. Dynamic Search Ads are an ideal campaign type for businesses with well-developed and established websites. This ad campaign’s goal is to help customers quickly find what they want on your site. These PPC ads show when someone searches Google for terms that are related to titles and phrases on your website. Although you still write description text, ads are dynamically generated, with Google Ads using those phrases to choose a landing page and relevant headline for your ad. Google Dynamic Search Ads offer several targeting options.
  • Landing Pages From Existing Standard Ad Groups: This option increases traffic on the webpages you’re already using as landing pages.
  • Categories: Sets of landing pages organized by theme. You decide which sets of pages to target, how to group similar pages, and the level of granularity.
  • Page Feed: Use a spreadsheet of URLs for the most focused targeting. You can then target your entire feed or parts of it.
DSA’s can save time and can fill in any gaping holes in your existing standard search ads.

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