What is a Google Display Ad?

A Google Display Ad is most often an image ad or a rich media ad that can show when people are browsing the Internet, watching videos, checking Gmail, or using apps. This type of ad is often shown on sites that are not owned by Google (with the exception of YouTube), but sites that are a part of the Google Network.

Display Ads show to people who are interested in your type of product, visit sites related to your products, and can be shown to users who have shown interest in your specific product or website in the past with retargeting. This ad has the potential to capture a potential customer earlier in the buying cycle compared to a Google Search Ad.

Google Display Ad

Google Display Ads are ideal for businesses that want to build brand awareness. With high visibility and because they are shown in places where a potential customer may be found, these ads keep your product or brand in front of those who are top-of-funnel. This particular type of advertising can help promote a business, improve sales, and increase leads.

Using various campaign and ad group settings, you can customize the way your ads reach potential customers. Targeting options allow you to strategically place your message in front of your desired audience. Targeting option settings include affinity audiences, placements, and remarketing. If you don’t add a target method to an ad group, the ads set to the campaign or account settings.

Automatic targeting is available with Display ads as well. Choosing this option allows Google’s system to discover what approaches work best for your business.

Other options for Display ads include content exclusions, which help you prevent your ads for showing alongside certain websites, apps, or videos that do not fit your product or business message.

Types of Google Display Ads

There are several formats available for Display ads, each which allow you to engage with users in a unique way.

  • Responsive Display ads: Responsive Display ads show as “native” ads, blending into the font and feel of the publisher’s site. These type of ads automatically fit a user’s device and will change to fit a given space.

Responsive Display Ad

  • Uploaded Image ads: Create and upload your own ads as images in various sizes.
  • Engagement ads: Run engaging image and video ads on YouTube and across the Display Network.
  • Gmail ads: Show expandable ads on the top tabs of people’s inboxes.

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