What factors determine ad placement in Walmart Connect?

There are numerous factors the affect the Ad Placement selection process for a campaign. Sponsored Products ad placements are chosen through a process that considers ad relevance and bid. The product that best matches the customer’s search and has the highest bid wins the ad placement.

Are your bids competitive and high enough? How relevant is your product to what the customer is currently looking at? How many reviews does your item have and what are the scores? Are you able to ship your items within 2 days? How good is your customer support for customer returns?

Here is a list of considerations:

  1. Bid Amount: The bid amount is a vital factor in determining ad placement, as advertisers who are willing to offer higher bids for a specific placement increase their likelihood of securing a more prominent position.
  2. Relevance: The relevance of an ad to the user’s search query and browsing history is a significant factor that determines ad placement. Ads that closely align with the user’s interests and preferences have a higher probability of being prominently displayed.
  3. Ad Quality: The placement of an ad is influenced by its quality, which encompasses factors such as relevance, content, and overall user experience. High-quality ads that offer valuable and engaging content are typically favored in terms of ad placement.
  4. Performance History: The placement of an ad can be influenced by the historical performance of both the ad itself and its associated campaign. Ads with a proven track record of delivering positive results, such as high click-through rates or conversions, may enjoy better ad placement opportunities.
  5. Budget: Advertisers with larger budgets may have more flexibility to secure favorable ad placements. A higher budget allows for increased competitiveness in bidding and greater visibility opportunities.
  6. Targeting Options: Walmart Connect offers various targeting options, such as demographics, location, and interests. Advertisers who effectively utilize these targeting features to reach their desired audience may have better ad placement.
  7. Reviews and Scores: Ad placements will always benefit from a higher number of reviews and a high score rating. Ads with more ratings with a higher rating will, if all other factors are the same, outperform competing ads.
  8. Shipping: Are up able to ship within a 48-hour window from the date and time of sale? Sales that are shipped within the 2-day maximum rank historically higher.
  9. Customer Support: Do you respond to customer inquiries within a timely manner? Are returns handled quickly and to customer satisfaction?

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