What are FBA Capacity Limits?

FBA capacity limits help Amazon manage abrupt surges in demand and supply chain disruptions so that Amazon can run its fulfillment network as effectively as possible, to get your products to customers quickly.

FBA capacity limits give you insights on future access to your inventory capacity so you can plan how much stock to manufacture or procure.

  1. To view your capacity limits

You can view your capacity limits and capacity usage in the Capacity Monitor at the bottom of the FBA dashboard.

Use the tabs to select a storage type. The chart on the left displays your current capacity usage by inventory status and your remaining capacity for creating new shipments. The table on the right displays your estimated capacity limits for the next three months.

  1. How capacity limits are set

You’ll receive a capacity limit (or No Limit) for each storage type per month. Storage types are classified as Standard-size, Oversize, Extra-large, Apparel, Footwear, Aerosol, and Flammable.

Individual selling accounts have a storage limit of 15 cubic feet; this limit doesn’t change and is not eligible to be increased.

New professional selling accounts that are active in FBA for less than 39 weeks do not receive FBA storage limits. This allows you to establish your FBA sales record without limits so that Amazon can determine how much capacity your FBA business needs as you grow.

Accounts active in FBA longer than 39 weeks receive storage limits based on the following factors:

  • Inventory Performance Index (IPI) Score: Based on a score of 0 to 1000, the IPI score demonstrates your ability to manage sales and inventory. IPI scores above 400 remain in good standing; however, if your account drops below 400, Amazon may reduce the amount of storage you are allowed. View more information about IPI by clicking
  • Amazon also calculates usage against its FBA storage limits as inventory on hand and open shipments on the way to Amazon’s fulfillment centers calculated in cubic feet.
  • Historical sales volume including seasonal and peak selling periods.
  • Forecasting for your ASIN’s.

Storage capacity limits are determined monthly during the week beginning the third Monday. You can view updates via the Capacity Monitor and will also receive an email notification. Amazon will confirm



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