What are Amazon Social Media Codes?

Amazon Social Media Codes are a way to easily share your products with customers via social media and email. This promotional option creates a temporary Amazon marketing page, which highlights products and automatically gives customers the discount price. It is a way to generate traffic outside of Amazon and send them to your product page.

Amazon Social Media Codes

The Social Media Code promotion is available to sellers that either have strong positive feedback ratings or those who are enrolled in Brand Registry. This free promotion allows you full control of the parameters, including discount percentage, how many of an item a customer can buy at the promo price, and targeting.

When you set up an Amazon Social Media promo code, a unique page is generated. You then share this page via Facebook or other platforms. Users click on your page to see your discounted products, and can purchase items at your discounted prices directly, with no need for a promotional code.

This particular Amazon promotion can run for a maximum of 30 days, and is ideal to use to complement your other marketing efforts. So make sure you’re ready for Amazon Prime Day with Social Media Codes.


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