What are acceptable Age Group [age_group] attributes in Google Merchant Center?

It’s important to understand when to use the age group attribute in Google Merchant Center. Here’s a quick look at when to use it, appropriate formatting, and best practices.

When to use

Age Group is required for:

  1. All free listings for all Apparel and Accessories
  2. Shopping Ads for all Apparel and Accessories in the following countries: Brazil, France, Germany, Japan, United Kingdom, United States
  3. Optional for products in the following categories:
  • Pinback Buttons (ID 4179)
  • Tie Clips (ID 180)
  • Cufflinks (ID 193)
  • Wristbands (ID 1893)
  • Shoe Covers (ID 5385)
  • Shoelaces (ID 1856)
  • Spurs (ID 2427)
  • Watch Bands (ID 5123)
  • Keychains (ID 175)
  • Wallet Chains (ID 5841)
  • Lanyards (ID 6277)
  • Checkbook Covers (ID 6460)
  • Badge & Pass Holders (ID 6170)
  • Watch Winders (ID 6870)
  • Watch Stickers & Decals (ID 7471)
  • Handkerchiefs (ID 5207)
  • Decorative Fans (ID 5114)

Age Group formatting

Supported values are:

  • Newborn –  0 to 3 months old
  • Infant –  3 to 12 months old
  • Toddler – 1 to 5 years old
  • Kids –  5 to 13 years old
  • Adult – 13 years and older

Best Practices

Here are some tips for using the age group attribute in Google Merchant Center:

  1. Use the appropriate age group: Select the age group that corresponds to the intended audience for the product. If the product is not exclusively for children, set the age attribute to “adult.” If the product has sizes to fit multiple age groups, use variants under the same item group ID to ensure the correct product shows when results are filtered.
  2. Be consistent: Use the same age group across all products in the same category to maintain consistency and clarity for your customers.
  3. Don’t use vague terms: Avoid using vague terms like “youth” or “senior” that do not provide specific age ranges. Instead, use the specified age ranges like “toddler” or “adult”.
  4. Don’t use age group for products where it’s not relevant: If the age group of the product is not relevant, leave the attribute blank.
  5. Pair age with gender: Using the age attribute will allow your products to be shown correctly when customers filter products by age. Pair with the gender attribute when appropriate to ensure customers are finding the correct product/size when searching for your product.

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