How To Use Feed Rules to Map Google Shopping Promotions

Google Shopping Promotions are a tool that allow sellers to make their product listing stand out from the rest. Once you apply for promotions in your Merchant Center, there are a few steps that sellers must follow in order to run promotions. The necessary steps depend on the type of promotion you are running. If your promotion applies to all products, you can set up your Google Shopping Promotion without mapping an ID in your feed. For example, a site-wide sale of 10% off all products doesn’t require any feed mapping. However, if your promotion applies only to specific product types you will need to tell the merchant center which products to include. This is done through the “promotion_id” field in the shopping feed. For more details on the promotion_id field, take a look at the Google Shopping Product Feed Specifications.

Mapping Your Promotion ID with Feed Rules

When you know what you want your promotion to be, you must include the Promotion ID for all applicable products in the feed. When running a promotion that applies to specific products, always enter the promotion ID in the feed before setting up the promotion in the Merchant Center. Otherwise you might end up with a rejected promotion.
  1. When you are ready to add your promotion ID to the feed, log in to your Merchant Center account.
  2. Go to Products > Feeds and click on your active feed.
  3. Next click on the FEED RULES tab. You should see a list of Attributes currently using feed rules.
  4. Click on the “Add target attribute” dropdown, and select promotion id.
  5. Next choose “Create a value based on criteria in a feed” and set the conditions required for your promotion. This works like a conditional statement. If a product meets the criteria you set, then that product’s promotion id will be the value you provide.
  6. Click ADD TEXT and enter the promotion id you want to appear.

Example Feed Rule

Let’s run through an example of adding an actual promotion id using a feed rule. Say we have a promotion for 20% off of Yoga Mats, and our promotion id is 20off-yogamats. If all of the products in this promotion contain the words “yoga mat” in their product title, we can easily set up this promotion using feed rules.
  • To do this, we select “title” as our field and “contains” as our operator, and enter “yoga mat” in the text box that appears.
  • Next, we have to tell the feed what we want the promotion id to be if our condition is met. We’ll select ADD TEXT and enter the promotion id “20off-yogamats”.
This is what our final feed rule will look like: Yoga Mats Promotion ID Feed Rule - Google Merchant Center
  • Next click continue, then be sure to click SAVE AND APPLY RULES on the bottom of the page.
Any yoga mat in our feed will have the promotion id 20off-yogamats. Now we can set Google Shopping promotions to specific products, without having to change our feed prior to upload.

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