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Founded in 2009 by college roommates Jordan Leiser and John Ernsberger, StellaService provides micro and macro data measurements of online customer service platforms through their products, Stella Metrics and Stella Connect.

StellaServices Explained:

StellaServices is a real-time information measurement company dedicated to the analysis of customer service performance. Both Stella Metrics and Stella Connect are designed to work within any industry that employs front-line service staff, thus allowing their products to be successful for industries ranging from e-commerce to education and financial services.

Stella Connect provides data measurements from feedback requests sent to customers following their engagement with a service operations staff member. Unique to Stella Connect’s feedback requests are their ability to drive engagement and response results of 40-60%. These response rates are driven by Stella Connect’s feedback request design, which humanizes customer service staff through a photograph and brief bio and offers a 1-5 star rating system. Users leaving feedback via Stella Connect can also suggest the company offer rewards to employees for a job well done, such as gift cards, lunches and more. Customers are also able to become instant brand-ambassadors, as social sharing tools are built-in to allow for the sharing of positive service experiences.

Stella Metrics allows companies to measure the quality of their service operations to comparable industry leaders. Data collected by service analysts is placed into a customizable dashboard, allowing users to access granular insights to recognize trends and improve custom service experiences. One of the methods used to gather this information is the use of secret shoppers, employed by Stella Metrics to shop all subscriber and non-subscriber sites, allowing for accurate competitor comparison data to be displayed.

Both Stella Connect and Stella Metrics are simple to get started with and feature a pricing plan based on the number of team members using the product(s). Taking advantage of the StellaService’s products enable companies to measure, benchmark, and understand their service operations greater and accordingly improve and drive results.

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