How & What Are SSL Certificates Used For?

An SSL certificate is a cryptographic signed file which lives on a domain’s web server. The contents of the file allow them to encrypt data between you and their web server, thus making a secure connection. This makes the data sent between both locations nigh impossible to understand if someone intercepts the data.

What Makes an SSL Certificate Secure

Anyone with the sufficient knowledge and tools can create an SSL certificate. However, it is very difficult to make an SSL certificate look like someone else’s. Part of the security lies in what is known as a Certificate Authority. These organizations are relied on for their ability to keep their information secure and in evaluating web servers they hand certificates to. Each server must pass a number of inspections before they get a certificate. These include both automated processes and manual critiques. Only after they pass the tests are web servers handed a signed SSL certificate. Inherently your browser knows most of the major Certificate Authorities, and implicitly trusts any certificate they have signed. If your browser detects an SSL certificate not signed by a known authority it will automatically block all information.

SSL Certificate
SSL Certificate


Why SSL Certificates are Important

These signed certificates help prevent unwanted individuals from viewing important information. For instance they keep your credit card numbers and passwords obscured. Since the web server has a valid SSL certificate you know all data you send is secure. Any data between you and the web server you are communicating with is encrypted so that even if someone steals the data they cannot access the contents.

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  1. Sayan Dutta says

    The article explains a lot about why an SSL is needed for every kind of website. You should always buy a paid SSL for better security, do not rely on free SSL which will be available all over the internet. Moreover, there are 3 types of SSL certificates available now, so you should choose the right one which suits your target.

  2. hp tech support says

    We all know how important SSL to secure our website, But millions of few know how to get SSL, so this blog helps those to know how to get it with proper way.

  3. Avast Support says

    The main part of SSL is built the trust if any site did not SSL certified the search engine think that the site is not secure and decrease the rank of the site, and the information which is mentioned in this article is really great and mentioned all the thing very properly, keep updating this kind of valuable information with us to know this kind of thing properly.

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