What Is Sequential Retargeting?

Sequential retargeting is a method of remarketing that focuses on an audience based on their previous actions. It tailors the message according to where the user is in the buying cycle, what actions he or she has taken, and how he or she interacts with the brand.

Sequential retargeting is commonly set up for:

  • When someone clicks on an ad in a site
  • When someone adds an item to a cart
  • And when someone adds an item and purchases it.

When each of those scenarios occurs, the advertising is based on the user’s previous action; a person who visited and left is shown an ad. When they return, they’re shown a new ad that’s related to the previous, telling a story to help encourage them along in the buying process.

For example, a user on a website watches a video that ends with a call to action. If the visitor doesn’t click on the link, but continues to another page on the website, a sequential retargeting campaign serves up the next video to continue the advertising story and to reinforce the call to action.

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