What is a “Search Network With Display Select” Campaign in Google Adwords?

The “Search Network with Display Select” is a combination of “Search Network only” and “Display Network only” AdWords campaign types. With this option you get the best of both worlds–your ads can show with search results on the Search Network, and in relevant placements within the Display Network. Search network with display select

Placements & Ad Types

The Google Search Network includes Google Search, Shopping, Google Maps, and search partner sites like AOL. The Display Network includes placements on websites that show Google ads, videos, apps, Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps, Blogger, and Google Finance. There is a wide variety of ad formats eligible to display with the Search Network and Display Select campaign type. Possible ad formats include: text ads, image ads, display ad builder ads, app or digital content ads, product listing ads, and dynamic search ads.


Search Network with Display Select campaigns are managed the same way you would manage a regular Search Network campaign – by creating ads, choosing relevant keywords, setting bids, and setting a daily budget. The campaign then splits your budget between your Search Network and Display Network campaigns. Google will use most your budget for Search Network ads, using the remainder for Display Network ads. In the Display Network, your ads will appear more selectively. This will depend on the relevance of your keywords to the placement sites, and how likely Google thinks customers will be to convert after clicking on your ad. Search and Display Select campaigns have two feature options: standard and all features. All features campaigns have a number of advanced features tailored for advertisers with more experience or more time to invest in their ad campaigns. These advanced features include ad scheduling options, advanced social settings, advanced location options, mobile app extensions, IP exclusions, and the Display Network tab. For more information, read Google’s advice for choosing the campaign type that’s right for you. Or, read our posts on “Display Network Only” and “Search Network Only” campaigns types.

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  1. Emily says

    Display ad gets me 20% more conversions when compared to the standard search ad. I have enabled 2 display ad groups with 5 ads running up currently and i get approximately 15k visits per day to my website.

  2. srdiahr says

    when we choose the option of Search Network with Display Select how the display ad will be shown in google partner network as we are not uploading any image nor we dont have option to do that.. can some one explain on this.

    • says

      In a Search Network with Display Select campaign advertisers can create text ads, image ads, ads from the ad gallery, dynamic search ads, or mobile app engagement ads.

      Text ads are eligible to show on the Google Search Partner Network in search results, similar to the way ads show on Google’s search results. This support page has more details on what Google’s Search Network is, and what types of ads are eligible.

    • says

      Hi Milhash,

      There is not really one right or wrong answer to your question. It depends on your campaign goals, and what metrics you are paying particular attention to. In my personal experience, I have seen “Search Network with Display Select” be more beneficial and contextual when average Search CPC is higher, because Display CPCs are generally lower. It’s also ideal for kicking two birds with one stone, if you are planning on running text ads in your Display campaigns and targeting by keywords. However, Display CTRs are not usually as high as Search CTRs. And you might not get the same results that you would if you allocated a full budget amount to text ads on the Display Network.

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