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How To Reorganize Your AdWords Campaigns

Have you ever wondered if it’s time to reorganize your AdWords campaigns? Let’s examine some ways to restructure your campaigns and re-energize your pay-per-click effectiveness.

Create Campaign for a Specific Product

You may find that a popular model in one of your brand campaigns contributes to a soaring average CPC. This may result in faster budget spend and diminish ad impressions of other products in the same campaign.

Reorganize: Consider a new campaign for the most expensive CPC product terms. This separation of expensive CPC for certain products will remove the restriction of a shared budget for the other products in the same campaign. By reorganizing the expensive CPC product model terms into a separate campaign, your budget from the previous campaign will go further and give the remaining products more visibility.

Product category

Change Search Language

As our language evolves, so do search terms and long-tail keywords. For example, destination searches might include “things to do” (versus attractions or activities) or “places to eat” (versus restaurants or dining options). Some terms vary by demographics, culture, or brand context.

Reorganize: Before you swap out keywords and lose associated performance data, why not test a new ad group with new keywords and ads? Be sure to take a look at search terms to see how people are actually searching, and build a new keyword list based on those.

reorganize Adwords campaigns

Add/Adjust Mobile Device Campaign

Searches from mobile devices often location-target products and services in the immediate geographic area. For example, search terms like “… near me” are on the rise with the help of Google’s instant auto-complete search predictions.

Reorganize: Consider a new mobile campaign that caters to the mobile mindset. Mobile bid adjustments, location radius bid adjustments, callout & location extensions, and mobile-friendly landing pages are just a few options.

Create Campaigns for New Brand Developments

Some products first gain brand recognition under the name of the manufacturer as the main brand. As the product line expands, new sub-brands may emerge that shift brand awareness. Further product expansion might evolve into new names of brand collections. A product diversification trend can be spurred by emerging technologies that drive new product categories.

For example, a hot tub and spa manufacturer created lasting brand awareness with its first hot tub brand. The development of new products resulted in 3 additional brands. Today, each new brand has 3 sub-brand name collections with 5 separate model names.

reorganize Adwords campaigns

Reorganize: It can be a tricky to keep up with the naming of emerging brands, evolving product collections and models by the same manufacturer. Analyze your search terms and find out how consumers perceive the names of your brands, collections, and models. Consider creating new campaigns that meet the brand awareness of your target audience.

It is also possible that certain consumers feel closer to your companies’ initial product names from the time of company startup. Other demographics might be more in tune with recent brands and models, especially if these are popular in their circle of friends.

Take a moment to evaluate your AdWords account and see if it reflects current consumer trends and maximizes your pay-per-click effectiveness. If not, reorganize courageously.

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