How to Remove Suggested Videos From Embedded YouTube Videos

Videos are a great conversion tool for your website, and many eCommerce store owners want the convenience of embedding a video into a product page. Youtube automatically includes suggested videos at the end of every video, which can distract users and even contain information that would deter potential customers from making a purchase. Here is a quick tutorial on how to remove suggested videos from embedded Youtube videos.


  1. Go to Youtube and find the video you want to embed on your website.
  2. Click the Share link below the video.
  3. Click on Embed.
  4. Click on Show More.
  5. Uncheck the Show Suggested Videos checkbox. You can also change the dimensions of the video if you want it to display either larger or smaller.
  6. Copy the entire <iframe>….</iframe> link, and replace the entire <iframe>…</iframe> link on your website in the desired location. This will embed the video with the new settings you want.
  7. Save your settings and test the page. The embedded Youtube video should no longer show suggested videos.

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