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Using Real-Time View in Google Analytics

In Google Analytics, the Real-Time feature allows you to track activity on your site as it is happening. It shows you the current number of users on your site and which pages they are currently on.  Since each hit on your site is reported seconds after it occurs, these reports are updated continuously.  Real-Time aims to provide the most up-to-date information available about your site activity.

The Real-Time Overview page shows the number of active users on the site at that moment, a graph number of page views per minute and per second, the platform people are using, URLs of the top active pages, referral sources, sources of the top social traffic, top keywords, and a map marked with locations of the active users.

Real-Time Overview
Real-Time Overview


 Analytics Real-Time menu

Additional tabs in the Real-Time section also allows you to take an in-depth look at the live actions of your users.

The locations tabs shows you a breakdown of your user locations by country, and you can click on a country to show the breakdown by cities in that country. You can wave your mouse over the map to show a popup of how many users are on your site in that country.

The traffic sources tab shows a chart of the mediums and sources that brought traffic to your site. Mediums are the general category of the channel, like organic, social, or CPC. Sources are the specific channels that brought the user to your site, like Bing, Facebook, or Google.

The content tab shows a chart of the active content users are currently viewing, listed by URL in order of highest percentage of viewers to lowest.

The events tab shows firing of the top 20 events of the last 30 minutes in real-time. Similarly, the conversions tab shows the top 20 goals completed in the last 30 minutes in order of percentage of total number of users.

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