How To Create Pinterest Promoted Pins

Pinterest Promoted Pins are an excellent way to increase brand awareness, drive webpage traffic and increase user engagement.

To create a Pinterest Promoted Pin, you must first log into your Pinterest business account. It is important to note that promoted pins may only be created with Pinterest business accounts.

Create a Campaign

After logging into the Pinterest dashboard, you will need to select from the Ads dropdown menu the campaign goal of your Promoted Pin. Currently, there are three campaign objectives on Pinterest consisting of: awareness, traffic and engagement.

Once you have selected your campaign objective, you will select ‘Create campaign’ from the Promoted Awareness Pin dashboard. Awareness campaigns

To begin setting up your promoted pin, you will need to name your campaign, select the dates in which you want your campaign to run and set an overall budget. For this example, I will be setting up an Awareness campaign, which charges you based on a CPM (cost-per-thousand) structure.

Create a new campaign

Choose Pin to Promote

Next you will choose the pin you wish to promote. Pinterest Pins and Boards should be set up prior to this step.

Pinterest Pick a Pin

Adjust Pin Settings

After selecting the Pin you wish to promote, you will proceed to the “Add More Details” page. Here, you will be able to set your destination URL, add keywords, create an audience and select further targeting settings for your Promoted Pin.

Add More Details page

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