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About IWD

IWD is a digital marketing agency based in Baton Rouge, LA that focuses on designing and developing high-quality online stores built on the Magento platform. IWD also offers multiple paid and free extensions for Magento. These extensions improve the functionality for Magento online stores, improving things such as the checkout process or the order management capabilities of Magento.

IWD Extensions Explained

IWD offers two extensions that are particularly useful for many Magento ecommerce websites: Checkout Suite and Order Manager. Both the Checkout Suite extension and the Order Manager extension are available for Magento 1 or Magento 2.

IWD’s Checkout Suite extension offers a simple one-screen checkout solution that improves the ease of checkout for users. The Checkout Suite is compatible with payment processors PayPal, Authorize.net, Braintree, Amazon, and Sage Pay.  Checkout Suite is available in Free and Pro versions; the Pro version offers additional functionality, including features that enable in-store pickup, store credits, gift cards, and subscriptions or recurring payments.

Order Manager makes it simpler to manage and make changes to orders and customer information during the order fulfillment process.

Order Manager enables you to modify an order that was placed on your site, with customer approval. This makes it easy to make changes in case the customer ordered the wrong product or ordered the wrong quantity. The extension will also automatically re-authorize payment after an order has been changed.

With Order Manager, you can also delete orders, invoices, memos, and shipments. These options are not available in Magento without an extension. Order Manager also allows you to manage inventory in multiple warehouses.

Order Manager is available as a paid extension with options for the Community version or Enterprise version of Magento.

Extensions from IWD are particularly useful for small- to medium-sized companies looking to expand the functionality of their Magento store. You can request a demo for IWD’s extensions on their website.

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