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About Infoplus

Founded in 2013, Infoplus is an extension of Materialogic, which is a St. Louis based company that offers third party logistics (3PL) solutions to optimize the business supply chain. It offers an SaaS product that manages the entire order fulfillment process, allowing companies to manage all of the order fulfillment processes on a single software solution.

The idea for the company was born from the management team at Materialogic, after repeatedly having clients explain they would not use a 3PL company because they manage their own storage, inventory, or fulfillment. It is an option that allows companies to manage these systems in house, on a single software system, to allow the business to scale their order fulfillment without developing their own system.

Infoplus Explained

Infoplus is a cloud platform that enables ecommerce, retail, and 3PL companies to manage orders, inventory, warehousing, and shipments all through a single software system.

It is designed to work across companies of all sizes, from small businesses to enterprise level businesses. This allows businesses to use a single order fulfillment system as they scale.

It integrates with major platforms for sales, ecommerce, accounting, and payment as well as with major shipping providers. This includes sales channels such as Amazon, Shopify, and Magento as well as shipping providers like FedEx, USPS, and UPS.

Infoplus offers 4 different pricing plans for startup, growth, professional, and enterprise ecommerce businesses. The higher level plans offer more SKUs, more orders per month, more cart integrations, and more user accounts. The professional level plan offers unlimited SKUs and unlimited orders per month, and the enterprise level plan includes multi-warehouse and multi-building options.

Infoplus is best suited for ecommerce, retail, or 3PL companies looking to have flexibility as their business scales. You can request a free demo from their software system by visiting their website.

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