Order Dynamics

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About Order Dynamics:

Founded in 2007 by Steven Berkovitz, Order Dynamics is cloud based software as a service (SaaS) order management system dedicated to creating seamless omni-channel shopping experiences.

Order Dynamics Explained:

Order Dynamics is an order management system (OMS) that utilizes a four-pillar design involving inventory visibility, distributed order orchestration, store fulfillment and customer service to provide users increased efficiency and improved conversions.

The OMS features inventory visibility, which exposes inventory in stores, warehouses and supply chains and provides users with enterprise-level control over how stock is exposed, managed, and allocated across sales channels.

With its OMS, users maintain a centralized interface for processing and accepting all cross-channel orders. Distributed order orchestration ensures that orders are processed efficiently and features fraud-detection, invoice creation, customer notifications and order modification abilities. Created to maximize efficiency, intelligent algorithms determine the most economical path of distribution.

Its OMS provides retail associates with intuitive dashboards and tools for customer communications and order visibility. Additionally, the OMS features call center and customer relationship management (CRM) interfaces, created for managing post-transaction services.

The allows users to improve processing efficiency, reduce overall shipping costs, improve conversions between 20-30% and is ideal for retailers looking to streamline their order management system.

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