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How to Optimize Amazon Product Images

Amazon Product Images are one of the most important factors that customers take into account when deciding whether or not to buy your product. As one of the key pieces of a consumers’ purchasing decision, sellers must make sure that their images provide customers with a clear, appealing view of their product and abide by all of Amazon’s Product image requirements. A general rule for product images is that they should be eye catching and informative. See Profitero’s article on optimizing product images for more information on how to attract customers with exciting images. Your primary product image, which is the photo that shows for your product on the search results page, is the first visual portrayal of your product that customers will see. In some cases, customers notice the primary image before reading the title of your product. Therefore, sellers should make sure that primary images present an at-a-glance view of the product, showing important details. Great product images will also include eye-catching visuals to drive clicks.

Amazon Product Images Guidelines

  • 4 to 5 high quality photos per product
  • Possible image formats: TIFF, JPEG, GIF, or PNG
  • Filename of images must include the product identifier, followed by the image’s file extension.
    • Example: B00O5HRY5S.png
  • Images cannot contain watermarks, and should be free of text
  • Plain white background – even if the product has a shadow (either real or added with editing software) over a white background
  • Product should take up 80% of image, and should always be the main focus
  • Include pictures of your product out of the manufacturer’s box, surpassing the experience customers would have if they went to a brick and mortar store to shop for the product
  • No drawings or illustrations, actual photographs only
  • Recommended size 1000 x 1000 pixels for sufficient detail—the zoom feature is enabled on images this size or larger. Amazon claims that the zoom feature enhances sales, and amazon may even suppress products that do not have zoom-enabled images.
Always include high quality Amazon product images
This Amazon Product Listing was suppressed because the product image was not a high enough quality.
Be sure to meet Amazon’s guidelines to ensure that your products aren’t suppressed in the Amazon search results, like the product in the example above. Suppressed product listings will kill all sales of said product because listings will not show in the search results, even if your product images are great by non-Amazon standards.   Amazon Optimization Download Banner

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