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About Newgistics:

In 1999, Newgistics was founded as a service for ecommerce retailers to manage the returns process for online purchases. They partnered with the United States Postal Service to offer this service, allowing US-based ecommerce customers to ship returns directly from their homes back to ecommerce retailers.

Within the past decade, the company has acquired three companies: Cornerstone Shipping Solutions in 2008, AtLast Fulfilment in 2012, and Tacit Knowledge in 2013. These acquisitions have led to additional product offerings tailored for ecommerce companies. They focus on providing custom solutions for ecommerce companies by providing a seamless omni-channel ecommerce platform and order-fulfillment solution.

Newgistics Explained:

Newgistics offers services related to digital commerce, fulfillment, and shipping/returns to come up with a custom solution for each ecommerce client.

In digital commerce, it offers Ncommerce, which is an end-to-end platform for ecommerce retailers. Ncommerce integrates a product catalog, an ecommerce website, and an order fulfillment system all into a single cloud-based platform.

For fulfillment, it has a nationwide network of warehouses in the US to allow brands to store their products closer to customers. This network of warehouses allows companies to scale their services according to demand. Newgistics also offers kitting, with customized packaging to elevate the presentation and out-of-box experience for ecommerce brands.

It offers a flexible and transparent system for shipping and returns. They use a single barcode to manage tracking and order information, and their tracking system can integrate directly with an ecommerce website.

The returns solution offers convenient at-home pickups, made possible from their partnership with USPS. Instead of being shipped back to the manufacturer, returned products can be sent back to the fulfillment warehouse where Newgisitcs can prep the product for the next order.

Newgistics differentiates itself by offering all of these services in a single solution. An ecommerce company can shape their buying, shipping, and out-of-box experiences all with a custom solution.

Newgistics is best suited for enterprise ecommerce companies that want a single solution for their order fulfillment processes so that they can focus on brand building and product marketing. You can request a demo of the platform and order fulfillment solution by visiting their website.

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