What is Voice Search?

Voice search is a smartphone function that allows you to use Google Search by speaking into your mobile device. When using the Google app, this function is known as “OK Google”. Although, recently Google updated its search functionality, revamping the software with a new name: “Google Assistant”. Google Assistant understands language better than voice search alone, using previous queries to derive and predict the context of the next query. However, as most of us already know, you can do more than just search by using voice actions. You can also get directions, set reminders and calendar dates, call friends, access other apps, and change your device’s settings. Google recently spoke out regarding search usage, claiming that approximately 20% of queries through its mobile app and on Android devices are now voice search. As this search method grows in popularity, it’s becoming a far more critical piece of the mobile optimization puzzle.

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  1. Big League Consulting says

    What’s interesting about voice search (at least with Apple Maps) is that most businesses aren’t aware that your business has to be listed specifically with Apple in order to show up on any Siri search. For businesses that live off of foot traffic, if they don’t know this they are literally losing money ever month they don’t enact this.

  2. Garrett Pfarr says

    Is it worth it to rely creating high quality content and using facebook ads to create brand awareness and get sites to quote you and link to your site?

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