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MediaTree is a promotional marketing and advertising agency specializing in consumer rewards. For more than 20 years, the company has provided entertainment rewards and customer incentive programs to multiple industries.

The company has clients ranging from cola companies and drug stores to cell phone businesses and banks. It rewards consumers with everything digital, including music and movie downloads to online magazine subscriptions.

MediaTree Explained:

MediaTree is a full service digital marketing agency that offers customer incentives and rewards in the form of digital downloads and e-gift codes. It connects companies and consumers, broadening brand awareness and increasing customer loyalty.

Clients are able to give customers popular rewards that offer instant gratification. Clients can choose from a variety of reward options – both digital and physical – including music downloads, digital movie rentals, movie tickets, ebook downloads, deal dollars, digital magazines, dining rewards, coffee rewards, phone cards and even Treecycler.

Rewards are easily implemented into business campaigns and deliver results no matter the size or scope. Because the rewards are based on codes, there are no promotional items for the brand to store or ship. Reward codes can be presented to customers on gift cards or via mail or email, on product packaging, receipts, or through texting. Once the customer receives the code, he or she can go online and redeem it without any complications.

Incentives are cost-effective due to easy delivery and they give high-value rewards to consumers across all industries from automotive and education to retail and healthcare. MediaTree is simple to integrate and effective at creating long-term brand recognition and loyalty.

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