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What Are Related Products, Up-Sells & Cross-Sells in Magento?

Magento offers several ways to inform customers of products they might be interested, and they are displayed in several places throughout the site. These products might be related, and might have titles like “Customers also purchased”, “You might also be interested in”, or “Often purchased together”. Each of these can be valuable in different ways by helping your customers find related items, and perhaps pushing them to spend a bit more money in your store.

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Each product controls its own related products, and depending on which items you flag and how your site displays them, you can have the opportunity to cross-sell or up-sell your customer. The three different types of product relations are: Related Products, Up-Sells and Cross-Sells.

Related Products

Related Products are typically displayed in the right sidebar of a product. This is where you might flag related products that are similar or that go in a collection with the product being displayed.

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Up-Sells are typically displayed below the description area on a product page, and might be products that are similar, but more expensive or have more options than the product you are looking at.Lynette CrosSell 4


Cross-Sells are typically displayed in the shopping cart. This is like the checkout line in a grocery store, where you might place your impulse items. In our example of a fabric store, this might be where you place your “Don’t Forget” items like thread, scissors, pins, etc.

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